Sheaffer Flattop (Jade)

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An early entry in the Sheaffer product lineup is this large jade Flattop which was produced between 1925 and 1935 based on the clip design.

Nib: 14K Medium Stub

Filling System: Lever


Length - 5.24" / 13.31 cm (capped)
Cap - 2.46" / 6.27 cm
Barrel diameter - 0.51" / 1.315 cm

Condition: Okay condition with discolouration of the jade celluloid and some plating loss on the clip. Additionally the pen is Engraved with Gilbert Reen. The pen has been fitted with a new sac. Please see the photos for a complete photographic assessment of the quality of the pen.

Country of Manufacture: United States

Made by Sheaffer in the United States, Restored by Fifteen Pens in Ottawa Canada

Sheaffer Pens currently available

Comes with a 1 year warranty