Newsletter and other ponderings

Newsletter and other ponderings


You see the sign up down below for the newsletter and may have wondered what it was all about. Well today we officially sent out the first edition. The newsletter will ideally shape up to serve two purposes: 1) The initial announcement of new pens and 2) Provide an update as to the various things going on over here at Fifteen Pens.

The way pen announcements will take place is that we will announce them in the newsletter and any customers who have signed up for the newsletter will be able to view / buy those pens from the site. After a week we will drop the restriction and all customers will be able to view the products. You will need to be signed in to get this access so if you do not see what you know should be there then go ahead and login, this will take you to the "Latest Arrivals" page where you should see all the new goodies.

The updates will likely have a lot of overlap with the blog, at least initially. As time goes on I hope to generate adequate content such that you will see the two streams of information differentiate themselves. For example, while anyone can see the blog it is only subscribed customers who can see the newsletter so this will be were we launch customer appreciation initiatives such as discount codes.


I know the site and the recent updates have focused on restored pens. Rest assured we have not abandoned the original purpose of Fifteen Pens. We still mean to be your source for parts and supplies for your own restorations. I am currently mid way through some projects that will ideally see a number of new tools, parts, and supplies introduced. Things just take time and resources and we do not want to over extend ourselves while also ensuring that we are offering you products that will fit your needs.

If you have parts or tools that you either need or foresee needing then reach out to us and we can look into options for you. Both the nib smoothing supplies as well as the loupes were born out of this kind of customer feedback.


There is a lot of excellent information available out there on both means of restoration as well as historical background on pens. While I intend on working on content, I do not want to repeat what is already out there. If there is something you think is missing from the scene and would like to see it here then please let me know.