Restoration Services


We currently offer a number of restoration / repair services outlined below. Please note that all work performed by Fifteen Pens comes with our 1 year warranty. The exception to this is nib tuning as we cannot be certain the nib performance will match expectations without the owner on site to test it.

All prices are in Canadian.

If you have a pen or pens that need attention then please send us an email with any details you can provide about the pens. You will be provided a preliminary quote based on the prices below. Required work not listed below will be priced on a case by case basis and included in the preliminary quote. Once we receive your pen it will undergo an assessment to refine the quote. Should any additional repairs be required we will discuss your options with you prior to any further work.

Filling System Restorations:

All restorations include the full restoration of the pen's filling system, minor cosmetic polishing, and minor nib tuning.

Lever Fillers $50
Vacumatics $65
Aeromatics $65
Touchdowns $60
Snorkels $70
Pistons $85


Nib Work:

With nib repair services we are limiting our offerings to general tuning and repair. We are leaving advanced nib work (grinding and re-tipping) to others. Please note that nib work done away from the customer comes with the caveat that our ability to guaranty writing experience is limited as each person experiences the nib differently depending on their writing style, please see our warranty for details.

General tuning (alignment, smoothing, and hard starts) $30+
Repair (bent or damaged nibs) $50+



Please note that while we take every precaution while working on your pens these are vintage plastics and are fragile. As such we are unable to 100% assure you that your pen may not break during the restoration process. To this end we cannot accept liability for damage to a pen during a restoration.