All restorations performed  by Fifteen Pens come with a 1 year warranty on the filling system. This is true for both restorations performed on customer's pens and the pens we have made available for purchase through the site. If you are experiencing any problems with a pen we have restored within the 1 year period of your receipt, please contact us so that we can make it right.

Please be aware that there are two exemptions to our warranty:

  1. Each pen we work on is tuned as best as we can to fit your writing specification and desired writing experience. However, as this is both a personal preference and you are not on site during the work we are unable to include writing experience within our warranty.
  2. Unintented usage. While this may appear obvious as no one is going to use a pen as a crowbar, this does include the use of inks known to have detrimental effects on latex. Many vintage filling systems use latex for either the ink sac or as a diaphragm. There are inks (heavily pigmented or iron gall based for example) that are well known to break down the latex used in vintage pens. These inks should be saved for your modern pens or piston fillers. There is a great deal of information regarding known "safe" inks so when in doubt send us an email or reach out to the general fountain pen community.

All of this ignores any damage experienced during shipping despite our secure packaging. We fully insure all of our pens when shipping and will address any damaged resulting from shipment.