Parker Duofold Senior (Red Permanite)

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The Parker Duofold senior is an iconic entry within the vintage fountain pen pantheon. Particularly when talking about the red variants such as this red Permanite example. The pen is dated to 1926 (Medium imprint) with a Vacumatic era nib and section. The pen has been personalized with "J. E. Allen".


Nib: Gold fine (Incorrect model for this pen)

Filling System: Button


Length - 5.47” /  13.90 cm (Capped)
Cap - 2.44" / 6.20 cm
Barrel - 0.52" / 1.32 cm

Condition: Classification of the pen would be user grade with a Vacumatic era nib, some oxidization, and plating loss on the clip. Both cap bands are in good condition and there are no cracks in the cap lip. The pen has been personalized with "J.E. Allen". Medium Duofold imprint is clear but worn. Please see pictures for details.

Country of Manufacture: United States

Made by Parker in the United States, Restored by Fifteen Pens in Ottawa Canada

Parker Pens currently available

Comes with a 1 year warranty