Sheaffer Balance (Black Ivory)

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The Sheaffer Balance is an iconic and distinctive cigar / torpedo shaped design. This particular model has the older "hump clip" dating it to circa 1933. The black and ivory does discolour in many examples as is the case here.


Nib: 14k 3-25 Fine.

Filling System: Lever


Length - 5.46" / 13.87 cm (capped)
Cap - 2.52" / 6.41 cm
Barrel diameter - 0.40" / 1.03 cm

Condition: The pen shows sign of wear with some minor brassing on the clip. The black and ivory celluloid has also discoloured due to off-gassing as is evidenced in the barrel. Imprint is clear but slightly worn. There are some light and unfortunate plier marks from some previous owner in the past. Filling system has had a complete restoration with a new sac and seals. Please see the photos for a complete photographic assessment of the quality of the pen, note I did not get a picture of the plier marks. These can be provided.

Country of Manufacture: United States

Made by Sheaffer in the United States, Restored by Fifteen Pens in Ottawa Canada

Sheaffer Pens currently available

Comes with a 1 year warranty