Parker 51 Aerometric (Lustraloy/Cocoa) - 1953-1957

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Description: The Parker 51 is a classic of the vintage fountain pens. Admiration for the pen is well deserved both for its iconic hooded design as well as its overall durable and reliable construction. The 51 is truly a workhorse ready at hand ready to write from the start.

Introduced in 1941 and produced into 1972, the Parker 51 was designed to take the fountain pen into the "modern" era and compete with the introduction of the ball point. The hooded design and durable materials allowed Parker to use the quick drying Parker Superchrome while also allowing users to leave the pen uncapped for longer periods of time.

This particular example is the Cocoa colour with the standard Lustraloy cap. Dating is an estimate as the barrel has no marking, the cap has no country of manufacture. Based on the the instructions on the filler unit would indicate the set was produced between 1953 and 1957.

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Nib: Gold extra-fine hooded

Filling System: Aerometric

Country of Manufacture:

NOTE: The case and pencil both cite made in Canada. The pen barrel and cap have no country of manufacture. The filler does specify made in USA but it is not uncommon for made in Canadian models to have US filler units. The history of the pen would indicate the set has not been separated and the pen is not a mixture.

Condition: The pen and pencil are both in excellent or mint condition. While it has been inked to test the pen there is no indication the pen has ever seen genuine use.


Length - 5.43” /  13.79 cm (Capped)
Cap - 2.49" / 6.32 cm
Barrel - 0.46" / 1.16 cm
Length - 5.26” /  13.36 cm (Capped)
Barrel - 0.37" / 0.94 cm