Parker 51 Aerometric (Black)

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The Parker 51 is a classic of the vintage fountain pens. Admiration for the pen is well deserved both for its iconic hooded design as well as its overall durable and reliable construction. The 51 is truly a workhorse ready at hand ready to write from the start.

Introduced in 1941 and produced into 1972 the Parker 51 was designed to take the fountain pen into the "modern" era and compete with the introduction of the ball point. The hooded design and durable materials allowed Parker to use the quick drying Parker Superchrome while also allowing users to leave the pen uncapped for longer periods of time.

This particular example is a black Aerometric made in England with no date code. Due to a number of identifying characteristics it is believed the production date for this pen is between 1962 and 1964.


Nib: 14K hooded nib (Medium).

Filling System: Aerometric


Length - 5.38” /  13.59 cm (Capped)
Cap - 2.46" / 6.24 cm
Barrel - 0.45" / 1.14 cm

Condition: Very good overall condition with minimal signs of wear. The pen has been fully cleaned and inspected and the sac is like new. Please see the photos for a complete photographic assessment of the quality of the pen.

Country of Manufacture: England

Made by Sheaffer in England, Restored by Fifteen Pens in Ottawa Canada

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Comes with a 1 year warranty