Sheaffer Balance (Rose Glow)

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The Balance was a general design Sheaffer through the 1930's and 1940's. This particular model, in the striated Rose Glow celluloid, can be dated to the late 1930's based on the late clip design and when the material was available.

Nib: 14K two-tone (Extra-Fine)

Filling System: Lever


Length - 4.80" / 12.21 cm (capped)
Cap - 2.30" / 5.84 cm
Barrel diameter - 0.41" / 1.05 cm

Condition: Good overall condition with no discolouration of the celluloid or brassing. The ink view window has ambered as is common with these pens. The pen has been fitted with a new sac. Please see the photos for a complete photographic assessment of the quality of the pen.

Country of Manufacture: United States

Made by Sheaffer in the United States, Restored by Fifteen Pens in Ottawa Canada

Sheaffer Pens currently available

Comes with a 1 year warranty