Sheaffer Cadet "Tip-Dip" (Blue)

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Description: The Tip-Dip series of pens from Sheaffer were a merger of the Touchdown and Snorkel filling systems targeted at the entry level users. Featuring an screw in nib unit and the classic 33 nib providing just a touch of bounce.

This is a complete set with box which includes the fountain pen and pencil.

Comes with a 1 year warranty

Nib: 14K 33 open nib (Extra-Fine).

Filling System: Touchdown (Pneumatic)

Country of Manufacture:


Condition: Both pen and pencil are in excellent condition. They appear to have seen little, if any, use. Pencil is in working order and the pen has had a full servicing of the filling system including new sac and o-ring.


Length - 5.20” / 13.22 cm (Capped)
Cap - 2.45" / 6.22cm
Barrel - 0.430" / 1.09 cm