Sheaffer Imperial II Set (Gold Plated)

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Description: While carrying the Imperial name the nib of the 707 model is a conical nib more closely resembling earlier Triumph nibs. The pen is a cartridge style filler with a push button converter. The ballpoint is activated by depressing the clip.

Comes with a 1 year warranty

Nib: Conical 14K Medium.

Filling System: Push button converter

Country of Manufacture:

Condition: Both pens are very clean with minimal wear and no dings. The converter for the fountain pen has been disassembled with a new sac installed. Some damage was encountered during this process. The ballpoint does not have a functioning insert. Please see the photo album for a complete photographic assessment of the quality of the pen.


Length - 5.51” / 14.00 cm (Capped)
Cap - 2.56" / 6.50 cm
Barrel - 0.43" / 1.10 cm
Length - 5.24" / 13.3 cm (Capped)
Barrel - 0.35" / 0.90 cm