Sheaffer PFM V (Black)

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Description: The Sheaffer PFM or the "Pen For Men" was the flagship of the snorkel era pens. Featuring both the snorkel filling system as well as Sheaffer's stunning inlaid nib these pens were and, in my opinion, still are stunning executive level pens. Statement pieces mean to keep Sheaffer on top in an era where innovation was the only chance against the oncoming era of the ball point.

Introduced in 1958 the PFM line ran until 1969. There were 5 different models available. With its gold filled cap and plated blindcap this is the model V of the line.

Comes with a 1 year warranty

Nib: 14K Inlaid nib (Fine).

Filling System: Snorkel (Pneumatic)

Country of Manufacture:


Condition: The pen does show signs of wear and use, specifically in the cap where there is some slight plating loss as well as dents on the top corners. The pen has had a full servicing of the filling system including new sac, point seal, and o-ring.


Length - 5.36” / 13.62 cm (Capped)
Cap - 2.42" / 6.15 cm
Barrel - 0.49" / 1.26 cm