Sheaffer Snorkel Sovereign (Burgundy - Steel Cap)

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Description: The Snorkel filling system is an upgraded to the pneumatic Touchdown system with the added feature that unscrewing the blindcap extends a slim snorkel from the feed allowing the user to fill the pen without submerging the nib. Provides cleaner filling and ease of use.

The Snorkel pens came in a variety of models and colors. This particular burgundy example is a non-white dot, monotone open nib variant with a steel cap known as the Sovereign.

Comes with a 1 year warranty

Nib: 14K monotone open nib (Medium).

Filling System: Snorkel (pneumatic)

Country of Manufacture:

Condition: Pen is in excellent condition with only minor wear on the cap. Filling system has has a complete restoration with new sac and seals. Please see the photos for a complete photographic assessment of the quality of the pen.


Length - 5.58" / 14.18 cm (capped)
Cap - 2.40" / 6.09 cm
Barrel diameter - 0.42" / 1.06 cm